World of War is a timeline about a world that has developed technologically but not mentally. Nowadays not many wars such as WWI and WWII take place because many wars are concentrated on one nation or just a civil war like Syria and other Arab Spring countries. In this timeline much of the world cannot agree on borders and raging conflicts occur all around the world. This timeline is like the 1600s stuck in the 2000s. I want to develop a world of war and destruction but at the same time a sense of how people band together to survive against the evils.

There are multiple POD's in this timeline and I cannot exactly pinpoint a POD due to the complexity of this. Lets just say that us humans never develop a way to learn from war so many people disregard WWII as just another war.

About nuclear weaponry.... now this were it gets weird. Many people ask me when I was developing the idea for this couldn't the USA and Russia and even smaller countries like Pakistan and Israel just bomb their enemies? Well yes, the point of this timeline is that the world is bombarded by wars and nations fighting over land. Nations develop new technology to get the upper hand so technology just gets better and better so by 2016 our world could be a couple of hundred years more advanced then it is today. This is a timeline to see how the world develops when everyone wants to be the winner.

I will be developing this timeline pretty awkwardly but I will focus on 1900-Present day.

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I am mainly working on the British Isles and there local conflicts as this is were I want to concentrate for now. You can read about it Timeline of Conflicts in the British Isles

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This timeline is a collaborative effort. I want people to help me on this timeline and develop great nations and other stuff like that. Please visit the membership page below for a guide on joining and how to get involved.

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  1. CnocBride either creates a page about something mentioned on the timelines that currently doesn't have a page. If the page is seen as important I begin writing on my personal wiki.
  2. I write the basic idea and lore for the page on my personal wiki. If I'm happy with it I transfer it over to althistory and place the relevant templates on it. The page is now a proposal.
  3. I make changes and develop the lore around it until I'm happy and its up to date.