The United Nations is an organization involving most states on Earth. It's purpose is to settle issues and concerns involving international concern. 

It was founded by the Union of Borealia in 1952 in the city of New Munich. 

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Organization and FunctionEdit

Teams of embassadors from each of the participating nations gather in the UN building each year to discuss current issues. Any nation may propose a new topic for consideration at the UN, which will then be voted on. The security council of 12 rotating nations have higher weight in their vote than any other nation. Of these, the seven permament members have unilateral veto power. Smaller committies comprised of sets of embassadors work on ongoing issues of limited concern. A voluntary peacekeeping force is organized by the UN to handle disastors that require emergency action. The executive of the UN is the Secretary-General, who is elected among the embassadors for 10-year terms unless there is a vote of no confidence. 

World Health OrganizationEdit

A committee of several nations dedicated to the purpose of ensuring general health and prosperity in the world. Headquarters in Athens, Roman Empire. 

International CourtEdit

A committee of nations dedicated to settle disputes over international law, violation of human rights, and war crimes. A police force of Interpol is used to enforce its decisions. Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Intergovernmental Panel on EnergyEdit

A committee of several nations dedicated to ensure energy stability in the world, and the proper distribution of new science and technology. Headquarters in Helinski, UNR. 

Office of Outer Space AffairsEdit

A committee of several nations dedicated to organizing the exploration and colonization of space, preventing any unnecessary exploitation or violation of international law. Headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

International Atomic Energy AgencyEdit

A committee of nations dedicated to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in any nations outside of those involved in the Fransicene project in the Second World War. Headquarters in Buenos Nochas, Andea.

Goals and PurposeEdit

  • To save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind
  • To reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small
  • To establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained
  • To promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom

Members (Majorly Subject to Revision)Edit

Secutity CouncilEdit

Permament MembersEdit

Rotating MembersEdit

  • United Nordic Republics - 
  • Reman Empire - Saturn120 16:44, August 30, 2015 (UTC)
  • Empire of Japan - 
  • Kingdom of France - 
  • Bajonate of Croatia - 
  • Empire of the Tartary - 
  • Union of Australia - Awesome history 28 (talk) 12:54, August 10, 2015 (UTC)

Other MembersEdit

  • United Britannic Socialist Republics aka UBSR -
  • Empire of Lanka - 
  • Duchy of Emeraldie - 
  • Algonquian Sachemate - 
  • Empire of Mexeca - 
  • Republic of China - 
  • Mognolian Khanate - 
  • KIngdom of Lombardy -  Scarlet Outlaw
  • Kingdom of Guiana - 
  • Principate of Mesopotamia - 
  • Republic of the Netherlands -  Tao64
  • Union of Poland - 
  • Republic of Russia - 
  • Duchy of Ruthenia - 
  • Empire of Ethiopia - 
  • Commonwealth of Oceana - 
  • Sultanate of Timor - 
  • Kingdom of Hawaii - 
  • Kingdom of Ayuttaya - 
  • Kingdom of Tibet - 
  • Republic of Burma (territory of Borealia) -
  • Principality of Mangut Nivkhgu (vassal of Japan) -
  • Kingdom of Korea (vassal of Japan) -
  • Moroccan Principality - 
  • Kingdom of Algeria - 
  • Malayan Federation -
  • Principality of Transylvania - 
  • Kingdom of Vlachia - 
  • Kingdom of Georgia - 
  • Kingdom of Mesopotamia - 
  • Duchy of Neu Norderney - 
  • Duchy of Belize - 

Pending MembershipsEdit

  • United Kingdom of Germany
  • Sultanate of Arabia
  • Empire of Iran
  • Kingdom of Punjab
  • Republic of Dravidia
  • Empire of India
  • Kingdom of Kuba
  • Principate of Somalia

Security Council ResolutionsEdit

001: Kuba-Belize IndependenceEdit

Following the defeat of Germany during the Second World War, a member of the German royal family attempted to create an independent kingdom from the former German state of Kuba and various Imperial Sea territories, such as the colony of Belize. This is in direct violation of the Treaty of Constantinople, which the nation of Germany was forced to abide by, and as such we view Kuba's insistence on being an exception to the treaty as counter to peace and stability following the war. As such we call upon Kuba to release Belize and its dependencies, to adopt a democratic government independent of any German royal family, and agree to any treaty binding the nation of Germany, or the United Nations will be forced to take immediate actions.


  • Union of Borealia -
  • Andean Monarchy -
  • United Kingdom of Spain -
  • Roman Empire -
  • Empire of Brazil - Yes Fritzmet (talk) 00:26, August 13, 2015 (UTC)
  • United Nordic Republics -
  • Reman Empire -
  • Empire of Japan -
  • Republic of France -
  • Bajonate of Croatia -
  • Republic of Tartaria -
  • Union of Australia

-- -- This module will implement Template loop detected: Template:Navbox --

local p = {}

local HtmlBuilder = require('Module:HtmlBuilder') local navbar = require('Module:Navbar')._navbar local getArgs -- lazily initialized

local args local tableRowAdded = false local border local listnums = {}

local function trim(s)

   return (mw.ustring.gsub(s, "^%s*(.-)%s*$", "%1"))


local function addNewline(s)

   if s:match('^[*:;#]') or s:match('^{|') then
       return '\n' .. s ..'\n'
       return s


local function addTableRow(tbl)

   -- If any other rows have already been added, then we add a 2px gutter row.
   if tableRowAdded then
               .css('height', '2px')

   tableRowAdded = true

   return tbl.tag('tr')


local function renderNavBar(titleCell)

   -- Depending on the presence of the navbar and/or show/hide link, we may need to add a spacer div on the left
   -- or right to keep the title centered.
   local spacerSide = nil

   if args.navbar == 'off' then
       -- No navbar, and client wants no spacer, i.e. wants the title to be shifted to the left. If there's
       -- also no show/hide link, then we need a spacer on the right to achieve the left shift.
       if args.state == 'plain' then spacerSide = 'right' end
   elseif args.navbar == 'plain' or (not and mw.getCurrentFrame():getParent():getTitle() == 'Template:Navbox' and (border == 'subgroup' or border == 'child' or border == 'none')) then
       -- No navbar. Need a spacer on the left to balance out the width of the show/hide link.
       if args.state ~= 'plain' then spacerSide = 'left' end
       -- Will render navbar (or error message). If there's no show/hide link, need a spacer on the right
       -- to balance out the width of the navbar.
       if args.state == 'plain' then spacerSide = 'right' end

           mini = 1, 
           fontstyle = (args.basestyle or ) .. ';' .. (args.titlestyle or ) ..  ';background:none transparent;border:none;'

   -- Render the spacer div.
   if spacerSide then
               .css('float', spacerSide)
               .css('width', '6em')
               .wikitext(' ')


-- -- Title row -- local function renderTitleRow(tbl)

   if not args.title then return end

   local titleRow = addTableRow(tbl)

   if args.titlegroup then
               .attr('scope', 'row')

   local titleCell = titleRow.tag('th').attr('scope', 'col')

   if args.titlegroup then
           .css('border-left', '2px solid #fdfdfd')
           .css('width', '100%')

   local titleColspan = 2
   if args.imageleft then titleColspan = titleColspan + 1 end
   if args.image then titleColspan = titleColspan + 1 end
   if args.titlegroup then titleColspan = titleColspan - 1 end

       .attr('colspan', titleColspan)


            .css('font-size', '110%')


-- -- Above/Below rows --

local function getAboveBelowColspan()

   local ret = 2
   if args.imageleft then ret = ret + 1 end
   if args.image then ret = ret + 1 end
   return ret


local function renderAboveRow(tbl)

   if not args.above then return end

           .attr('colspan', getAboveBelowColspan())


local function renderBelowRow(tbl)

   if not args.below then return end

           .attr('colspan', getAboveBelowColspan())


-- -- List rows -- local function renderListRow(tbl, listnum)

   local row = addTableRow(tbl)

   if listnum == 1 and args.imageleft then
               .css('width', '0%')
               .css('padding', '0px 2px 0px 0px')
               .attr('rowspan', 2 * #listnums - 1)

   if args['group' .. listnum] then
       local groupCell = row.tag('th')

              .attr('scope', 'row')

       if args.groupwidth then
           groupCell.css('width', args.groupwidth)

           .cssText(args['group' .. listnum .. 'style'])
           .wikitext(args['group' .. listnum])

   local listCell = row.tag('td')

   if args['group' .. listnum] then
           .css('text-align', 'left')
           .css('border-left-width', '2px')
           .css('border-left-style', 'solid')
       listCell.attr('colspan', 2)

   if not args.groupwidth then 
       listCell.css('width', '100%')

   local isOdd = (listnum % 2) == 1
   local rowstyle = args.evenstyle
   if isOdd then rowstyle = args.oddstyle end

   local evenOdd
   if args.evenodd == 'swap' then
       if isOdd then evenOdd = 'even' else evenOdd = 'odd' end
       if isOdd then evenOdd = args.evenodd or 'odd' else evenOdd = args.evenodd or 'even' end

       .css('padding', '0px')
       .cssText(args['list' .. listnum .. 'style'])
       .addClass('navbox-' .. evenOdd)
           .css('padding', (listnum == 1 and args.list1padding) or args.listpadding or '0em 0.25em')
           .wikitext(addNewline(args['list' .. listnum]))

   if listnum == 1 and args.image then
               .css('width', '0%')
               .css('padding', '0px 0px 0px 2px')
               .attr('rowspan', 2 * #listnums - 1)


-- -- Tracking categories --

local function needsHorizontalLists()

   if border == 'child' or border == 'subgroup'  or args.tracking == 'no' then return false end

   local listClasses = {'plainlist', 'hlist', 'hlist hnum', 'hlist hwrap', 'hlist vcard', 'vcard hlist', 'hlist vevent'}
   for i, cls in ipairs(listClasses) do
       if args.listclass == cls or args.bodyclass == cls then
           return false

   return true


local function hasBackgroundColors()

   return mw.ustring.match(args.titlestyle or ,'background') or mw.ustring.match(args.groupstyle or ,'background') or mw.ustring.match(args.basestyle or ,'background')


local function getTrackingCategories()

   local cats = {}
   if needsHorizontalLists() then table.insert(cats, 'Navigational boxes without horizontal lists') end
   if hasBackgroundColors() then table.insert(cats, 'Navboxes using background colours') end
   return cats


local function renderTrackingCategories(builder)

   local title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle()
   if title.namespace ~= 10 then return end -- not in template space
   local subpage = title.subpageText
   if subpage == 'doc' or subpage == 'sandbox' or subpage == 'testcases' then return end

   for i, cat in ipairs(getTrackingCategories()) do


-- -- Main navbox tables -- local function renderMainTable()

   local tbl = HtmlBuilder.create('table')
       .attr('cellspacing', 0)

   if args.title and (args.state ~= 'plain' and args.state ~= 'off') then
           .addClass(args.state or 'autocollapse')

   tbl.css('border-spacing', 0)
   if border == 'subgroup' or border == 'child' or border == 'none' then
   else -- regular navobx - bodystyle and style will be applied to the wrapper table
           .css('background', 'transparent')
           .css('color', 'inherit')

   for i, listnum in ipairs(listnums) do
       renderListRow(tbl, listnum) 

   return tbl


function p._navbox(navboxArgs)

   args = navboxArgs

   for k, v in pairs(args) do
       local listnum = ( .. k):match('^list(%d+)$')
       if listnum then table.insert(listnums, tonumber(listnum)) end

   border = trim(args.border or args[1] or )

   -- render the main body of the navbox
   local tbl = renderMainTable()

   -- render the appropriate wrapper around the navbox, depending on the border param
   local res = HtmlBuilder.create()
   if border == 'none' then
   elseif border == 'subgroup' or border == 'child' then
       -- We assume that this navbox is being rendered in a list cell of a parent navbox, and is
       -- therefore inside a div with padding:0em 0.25em. We start with a </div> to avoid the
-- padding being applied, and at the end add a
to balance out the parent's
           .tag('/div', {unclosed = true})
           .tag('div', {unclosed = true})
               .attr('cellspacing', 0)
               .css('border-spacing', 0)
                       .css('padding', '2px')


   return tostring(res)


function p.navbox(frame)

   if not getArgs then
   	getArgs = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs
   args = getArgs(frame)

   -- Read the arguments in the order they'll be output in, to make references number in the right order.
   local _
   _ = args.title
   _ = args.above
   for i = 1, 20 do
       _ = args["group" .. tostring(i)]
       _ = args["list" .. tostring(i)]
   _ = args.below

   return p._navbox(args)


return p

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