This is detailed, scripted, and creative story and depiction of the events which have taken place throughout the course of Principia Moderni III (Map Game) . SwankyJ (talk)  Please add or message me to fix messed up information, or add your own work. 

Chapter 1 (1400-1409):Edit

As the struggling and bloody civil feuds continue to ravage the lands of far east Asia, Japan attempts to unite itself, but the growing powers in China have only yet to allow Japan nothing gained. Near the warring states of Japan, Korea sees itself a new Emperor, as Taejong takes over. To counter the feuding wars in Japan, the Emperor sends thousands of warriors to protect the imperial palace from the approaching Shogun rulers. Warriors are sent out through the great country to reconquer the territories in name of the soon to be heir of Japan.

England has suffered countless raids from pirates during the early years of the 14th century. Many begin to urge King Henry IV to use privateering as an effective form of counter to the piracy. The English respond by concentrating solely on the war effort. English forces continue assaulting Edinburgh castle in hopes to defeat the Scotts, and gain a large victory. Losses were striken on both sides.

France also sees damage to coastal towns as pirates ravage their lands. France retaliates with French pirates. Charles VI sees the woe to his own nation as his uncle, Philip "the Bold" , Duke of Burgundy, and his brother, Louis, Duke of Orleans, engage in warfare for an attempt at grasping the throne of France and challenge King Charles VI. France is successful in gaining a treaty of peace between the nations of France and England. Philip the Bold begins gaining influence and territories in France, gaining loyalty, meanwhile Louis begins to be rallied by the people whom believe he is the suitable heir to the throne. Charles VI is swallowed into madness.

Far to the west of the great European kingdoms, the Zapotec begin scaling along the Atlantic coastline expanding their influence and spreading the warring tactics and diplomacy of their emperor in order to gain more land and gain kingship.

Portugal begins incorporating hard programs of training to elitify their military. Their closeby neighbor, Castille begins increasing relations with, Aragon, Florence, England, Genoa, Venice, Sicily, and France, in order to expand its horizons and economically empower itself. The Castillian navy is bulked up continuously.