The Republic of Scotland also known as the First Republic of Scotland was a semi-autonomous region on the British Isles that seceded from the UK in 1893 after a constitutional crisis. After the Conservative Party tried to unionise the Scottish Parliament and the English Parliament. The First Minister for Scotland who was Samuel Palmer at the time rejected the Parliament Union Act 1893 as a invasion of Scotland's autonomy. He ordered the Prime Minister to back down but Lara King rejected the pleas and ordered all Scottish MP's to transfer to Westminster.

On 7 April 5 days after the Parliament Union Act was passed the Provisional Government for Scotland issued a statement saying that if its regional control was not restored they would remain independent from the UK. The British Armed Forces were advised to move in by General Bernard Montgomery but the House of Lords overruled the decision so a invasion did not take place.

From May to August the Republic of Scotland engaged in talks with the government and on the 26 August the Anglo-Scots Agreement was signed which allowed the Scottish Parliament to return.