The following page is a collection of very important people in the 1983: Doomsday universe, both fictional and non-fictional.


Portrait galleryEdit

Named personsEdit

U.S. PresidentsEdit

  • Ronald Reagan: died May 6, 1984
  • George H.W. Bush: sworn in May 8, 1984; US dissolved May 1, 1995; currently an advisor to ANZC government

Nordic UnionEdit


  • Kåre Willoch: 1990 - 1995 (H)
  • Davíð Oddsson: 1995 - 2000 (SE)
  • Sturla Böðvarsson: 2000 - 2005 (SE)
  • Thorbjørn Jagland: 2005 - present (Ap)


  • Kåre Willoch: 1990-1996
  • Vigdís Finnbogadóttir: 1996-2002
  • Thorbjørn Jagland: 2002-2005
  • Mona Sahlin: 2005-2008
  • Halldór Ásgrímsson: 2008-2011
  • Sauli Niinistö: 2011-Present



  • Olav V: September 21, 1957 - August 14, 1992
  • Harald V: August 14, 1992 - present

Prime Ministers

  • Kåre Willoch: October 14, 1981 - October 18, 1989 (H)
  • Gro Harlem Brundtland: October 18, 1989 - October 15, 1998 (Ap)
  • Thorbjørn Jagland: October 15, 1998 - October 16, 2005 (Ap)
  • Carl I. Hagen: October 16, 2005 - present (FrP)





Siberian leadersEdit

Chairmen of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet


  • Igor Levitin- Ministry of Transport (2000-present)
  • Sergey Shoigu- Minister of Defence (1994-present)
  • Sergey Sobyanin- Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1990-present)


Prime MinistersEdit

Samoan leadersEdit

  • Malietoa Tanumafili: Chief of State of Western Samoa 1963-1986, of united Samoa 1986-1999
  • Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese: Chief of State of Samoa 1999-present

Hawaiian leadersEdit

  • Herbert Tatsuo Matayoshi: Mayor of Hawai'i County on Doomsday, co-leader until 1984, killed during violence of 1987
  • Hannibal Tavares: Mayor of Maui County on Doomsday, co-leader until 1984, died of radiation-related illnesses in 1989
  • Louis Goldblatt: Leader of ILWU labor union, unelected governor from 1984 until assassination in 1987
  • Harry Kim: Governor 1990-1995, died in 2006
  • Andrew Piikoi Kawānanakoa (HM Andrew I): King of Hawaii 1996-present, led an armed faction in 1987 civil war
  • Alan Arakawa: Interim Governor 1995-1996, currently serves in Congress
  • John Waihe'e: Governor 1996-2004, currently works on King Andrew's staff
  • Linda Lingle: Governor 2004-2009, resigned due to illness
  • K. Angel Pilago: Governor 2009-present

Other Hawaiians

  • Dennis "Danny" Mateo, Congressman from Maui, leading supporter of Ogasawara resettlement
  • Dr. Kyoichi Mori, marine biologist from Ogasawara; moved to Maui 1993; professor at U. of Hawaii, Hilo; Ogasawaran community leader
  • Dr. Lani Weigert, agricultural scientist and head of Imua Molokau'i resettlement project since 2006

Australian musiciansEdit

  • Keith Urban
  • Darren Hayes, co-founder of Savage Garden and solo singer
  • Nickleback, rock band from Newcastle

American musiciansEdit

Celtic AllianceEdit

  • Patrick Hillery: Uachtarán na hÉireann - President of Eire / Ireland on DD
  • Garret FitzGerald: Taoiseach - Prime Minister of Eire / Ireland on DD
  • Mary Robinson: Human Rights Lawyer on DD eventual Uachtarán - President of Celtic Alliance
  • Andrew Welsh: Scottish National Party MP on DD eventual Taoiseach - Prime Minister of Celtic Alliance
  • Alex Salmond: Celtic Alliance Ambassador to the LofN
  • Gordon Wilson: Leader Scottish National Party British MP & Privy Councillor
  • Michael Foot: Leader of the British Labour Party, died on DD
  • U2: Irish rock band
  • Depeche Mode

Blue RidgeEdit


  • Terry Bellamy, current governor


Auburn, AlabamaEdit

  • George Wallace, last governor pre-Doomsday of the State of Alabama; former U.S. Presidential candidate
  • Bill Baxley, lieutenant governor pre- and post-Doomsday of Alabama; became governor upon Wallace's assassination in November 1983
  • Charles Barkley, Auburn University basketball player, Pvt. State Army of Alabama (SAA); later became governor of the Republic of Neonotia
  • Vincent "Bo" Jackson, Auburn University football player, Pvt. State Army of Alabama (SAA); killed after refusing direct order to shoot unarmed civilians in Auburn, Alabama
  • Pat Dye, athletic director and head football coach at Auburn University on Doomsday

Vermont Edit


  • Richard Snelling, from 1984 until his death in 1991
  • Howard Dean, former Vice-President who took over for Snelling in 1991, then served consecutive terms through 2003
  • Jim Douglas, current President, elected in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008

West Texas Edit


  • Thane Akins, former mayor of Midland, elected as the first President of West Texas, served two terms (1986-1994)
  • Tom Craddick, served two terms 1994-2002
  • George L. "Buddy" West, served 2002-2006, died in 2008
  • Mike Conaway, current President, took office in 2006

Canadian Remainder Provinces Edit

Prime Ministers

  • James Lee, 1984 - 1985
  • Clyde Wells, 1985 - 1989
  • Patricia Mella, 1989 - 1992
  • Len Simms, 1992 - 1997
  • Georges Farrah, 1997 - 2009
  • Walter Natynczyk, 2009 - 2010
  • Fabian Manning, 2010 - present


  • William Anthony Paddon, 1984 - 1987
  • Margaret Thatcher, 1987 - 1992
  • Frederick Russell, 1992 - 1997



  • President-General James E. Thompson (1994-2009)
  • President-General Michael H. Sumrall (2009-Present)


  • Hal Rogers (Cumberland)
  • Tim Kaine (East Virginia)
  • William J. Holtzinger (Maryland)
  • Paul Wiehl (Ohio)
  • Joe Manchin (Virginia)

Party Leaders

  • Robert Carlyle Byrd (Chairman of the Federalist Party)
  • Nick Casey (Chairman of the Democratic Party)
  • Dr. Doug McKinney (Chairman of the Republican Party)
  • Cynthia McKinney (Chairman of the Mountain Party)

Other figures

Costa RicaEdit

National leaders

  • Luis Alberto Monge Álvarez: President 1982-1987; fled to Brazil, died in São Paulo, 1998
  • General Joaquín Cuadra Lucayo: Leader of Sandinista government 1990-1996; Minister of Public Security and Defense 1996-2006; currently semi-retired and co-chairman of Sandinista Party of Costa Rica
  • Rafael Ángel Calderón Fournier: President of Limón government-in-exile 1987-1990; currently ambassador-at-large to South American Confederation
  • Óscar Rafael de Jesús Arias Sánchez: President 1990-2000; currently retired
  • José Merino del Río: President 2000-2008; currently co-chair of Sandinista Party
  • Ricardo Jaime Toledo Carranza: President 2008-present

Limón separatist leaders

  • Marvin Wright Lindo: Founder of Limonese Socialist Party 1993; President of Limonese Republic 1997-2004; died 2004
  • Edwin Patterson Bent: Minister of Finance 1994-2004; Member of ruling junta 2004-2009; President 2009-present


  • Portrait gallery


Municipal States of the PacificEdit

  • Captain Robert Field - Commander of an expedition to map the interior of the continental United States and find any remaining survivor communities.
  • Boss Jones - Early leader of Crescent City.

Republic of LincolnEdit

  • Robert Baron - Leader of the quickly growing sect worshipping late former US President Abraham Lincoln as a deity.

Virginian RepublicEdit

  • William Lee - Millionaire owner of the Lee Whiskey Company.

Auburn, AlabamaEdit

  • Clyde Harness - former Alabama State Police captain; appointed captain of State Army of Alabama in September 1983 by special order of Governor Wallace; led conspiracy against African-American citizens in south-eastern Alabama and against the Alabama state government; ordered assassination of Wallace, Governor Baxley and execution of SAA soldiers and lieutenants who refused direct orders to kill unarmed civilians, as well as several officials in state government, Auburn city government and Auburn University; pulled together rebels under his flag as White Army of Alabama; led group after destruction of Auburn through Alabama, eventually into Selma; led White Army in Selma War; led Caucasian survivors out of Selma after truce was called, eventually stopped group in former Bladon Springs park and founded the city-state of New Montgomery; wide speculation as to his ultimate fate, but he is believed to be deceased.


  • Ishe Adeyemi - Political activist and principal architect of Adeyemist doctrine.

See AlsoEdit


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local p = {}

local HtmlBuilder = require('Module:HtmlBuilder') local navbar = require('Module:Navbar')._navbar local getArgs -- lazily initialized

local args local tableRowAdded = false local border local listnums = {}

local function trim(s)

   return (mw.ustring.gsub(s, "^%s*(.-)%s*$", "%1"))


local function addNewline(s)

   if s:match('^[*:;#]') or s:match('^{|') then
       return '\n' .. s ..'\n'
       return s


local function addTableRow(tbl)

   -- If any other rows have already been added, then we add a 2px gutter row.
   if tableRowAdded then
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   tableRowAdded = true

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local function renderNavBar(titleCell)

   -- Depending on the presence of the navbar and/or show/hide link, we may need to add a spacer div on the left
   -- or right to keep the title centered.
   local spacerSide = nil

   if args.navbar == 'off' then
       -- No navbar, and client wants no spacer, i.e. wants the title to be shifted to the left. If there's
       -- also no show/hide link, then we need a spacer on the right to achieve the left shift.
       if args.state == 'plain' then spacerSide = 'right' end
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       if args.state ~= 'plain' then spacerSide = 'left' end
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       -- to balance out the width of the navbar.
       if args.state == 'plain' then spacerSide = 'right' end

           mini = 1, 
           fontstyle = (args.basestyle or ) .. ';' .. (args.titlestyle or ) ..  ';background:none transparent;border:none;'

   -- Render the spacer div.
   if spacerSide then
               .css('float', spacerSide)
               .css('width', '6em')
               .wikitext(' ')


-- -- Title row -- local function renderTitleRow(tbl)

   if not args.title then return end

   local titleRow = addTableRow(tbl)

   if args.titlegroup then
               .attr('scope', 'row')

   local titleCell = titleRow.tag('th').attr('scope', 'col')

   if args.titlegroup then
           .css('border-left', '2px solid #fdfdfd')
           .css('width', '100%')

   local titleColspan = 2
   if args.imageleft then titleColspan = titleColspan + 1 end
   if args.image then titleColspan = titleColspan + 1 end
   if args.titlegroup then titleColspan = titleColspan - 1 end

       .attr('colspan', titleColspan)


            .css('font-size', '110%')


-- -- Above/Below rows --

local function getAboveBelowColspan()

   local ret = 2
   if args.imageleft then ret = ret + 1 end
   if args.image then ret = ret + 1 end
   return ret


local function renderAboveRow(tbl)

   if not args.above then return end

           .attr('colspan', getAboveBelowColspan())


local function renderBelowRow(tbl)

   if not args.below then return end

           .attr('colspan', getAboveBelowColspan())


-- -- List rows -- local function renderListRow(tbl, listnum)

   local row = addTableRow(tbl)

   if listnum == 1 and args.imageleft then
               .css('width', '0%')
               .css('padding', '0px 2px 0px 0px')
               .attr('rowspan', 2 * #listnums - 1)

   if args['group' .. listnum] then
       local groupCell = row.tag('th')

              .attr('scope', 'row')

       if args.groupwidth then
           groupCell.css('width', args.groupwidth)

           .cssText(args['group' .. listnum .. 'style'])
           .wikitext(args['group' .. listnum])

   local listCell = row.tag('td')

   if args['group' .. listnum] then
           .css('text-align', 'left')
           .css('border-left-width', '2px')
           .css('border-left-style', 'solid')
       listCell.attr('colspan', 2)

   if not args.groupwidth then 
       listCell.css('width', '100%')

   local isOdd = (listnum % 2) == 1
   local rowstyle = args.evenstyle
   if isOdd then rowstyle = args.oddstyle end

   local evenOdd
   if args.evenodd == 'swap' then
       if isOdd then evenOdd = 'even' else evenOdd = 'odd' end
       if isOdd then evenOdd = args.evenodd or 'odd' else evenOdd = args.evenodd or 'even' end

       .css('padding', '0px')
       .cssText(args['list' .. listnum .. 'style'])
       .addClass('navbox-' .. evenOdd)
           .css('padding', (listnum == 1 and args.list1padding) or args.listpadding or '0em 0.25em')
           .wikitext(addNewline(args['list' .. listnum]))

   if listnum == 1 and args.image then
               .css('width', '0%')
               .css('padding', '0px 0px 0px 2px')
               .attr('rowspan', 2 * #listnums - 1)


-- -- Tracking categories --

local function needsHorizontalLists()

   if border == 'child' or border == 'subgroup'  or args.tracking == 'no' then return false end

   local listClasses = {'plainlist', 'hlist', 'hlist hnum', 'hlist hwrap', 'hlist vcard', 'vcard hlist', 'hlist vevent'}
   for i, cls in ipairs(listClasses) do
       if args.listclass == cls or args.bodyclass == cls then
           return false

   return true


local function hasBackgroundColors()

   return mw.ustring.match(args.titlestyle or ,'background') or mw.ustring.match(args.groupstyle or ,'background') or mw.ustring.match(args.basestyle or ,'background')


local function getTrackingCategories()

   local cats = {}
   if needsHorizontalLists() then table.insert(cats, 'Navigational boxes without horizontal lists') end
   if hasBackgroundColors() then table.insert(cats, 'Navboxes using background colours') end
   return cats


local function renderTrackingCategories(builder)

   local title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle()
   if title.namespace ~= 10 then return end -- not in template space
   local subpage = title.subpageText
   if subpage == 'doc' or subpage == 'sandbox' or subpage == 'testcases' then return end

   for i, cat in ipairs(getTrackingCategories()) do


-- -- Main navbox tables -- local function renderMainTable()

   local tbl = HtmlBuilder.create('table')
       .attr('cellspacing', 0)

   if args.title and (args.state ~= 'plain' and args.state ~= 'off') then
           .addClass(args.state or 'autocollapse')

   tbl.css('border-spacing', 0)
   if border == 'subgroup' or border == 'child' or border == 'none' then
   else -- regular navobx - bodystyle and style will be applied to the wrapper table
           .css('background', 'transparent')
           .css('color', 'inherit')

   for i, listnum in ipairs(listnums) do
       renderListRow(tbl, listnum) 

   return tbl


function p._navbox(navboxArgs)

   args = navboxArgs

   for k, v in pairs(args) do
       local listnum = ( .. k):match('^list(%d+)$')
       if listnum then table.insert(listnums, tonumber(listnum)) end

   border = trim(args.border or args[1] or )

   -- render the main body of the navbox
   local tbl = renderMainTable()

   -- render the appropriate wrapper around the navbox, depending on the border param
   local res = HtmlBuilder.create()
   if border == 'none' then
   elseif border == 'subgroup' or border == 'child' then
       -- We assume that this navbox is being rendered in a list cell of a parent navbox, and is
       -- therefore inside a div with padding:0em 0.25em. We start with a </div> to avoid the
-- padding being applied, and at the end add a
to balance out the parent's
           .tag('/div', {unclosed = true})
           .tag('div', {unclosed = true})
               .attr('cellspacing', 0)
               .css('border-spacing', 0)
                       .css('padding', '2px')


   return tostring(res)


function p.navbox(frame)

   if not getArgs then
   	getArgs = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs
   args = getArgs(frame)

   -- Read the arguments in the order they'll be output in, to make references number in the right order.
   local _
   _ = args.title
   _ = args.above
   for i = 1, 20 do
       _ = args["group" .. tostring(i)]
       _ = args["list" .. tostring(i)]
   _ = args.below

   return p._navbox(args)


return p

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