Minerva Catherine Georgina Cunningham (1799-1870) was a ceardian politician and stateswoman. She served as Deputy Prime Minister of Ceardia from 1854 to 1870 and Minister for Finance from 1832 to 1870. She was a highly unpopular politician due to her high tax ideology though she stayed in power due to her having strong support within her party.

For most of her political career she was in the shadows of other politicians but did make some changes to the tax system some popular and some unpopular. She was elected as Deputy Leader of the Ceardian Peoples Party in 1851 and was appointed her first ministerial role in 1864 as Minister for Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Ceardia. She was highly unpopular in these roles as in an attempt to improve healthcare and education she introduced the Nation H&E Tax which was unpopular.

Though she helped improve healthcare and education she was still highly unpopular and in 1869 she was poisoned by a government dissident. The poison was controlled but slowly moved throughout her body killing her. She battled on with the slow disease until 1878 when she collapsed during private business in the House of Commons. She was brought to hospital but was soon pronounced dead after the disease caused cardiac arrest.

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