The World of War timeline was created by CnocBride in 2016 as a recreational timeline for me (CnocBride) to develop a world ravaged by war. If you want the full details visit the World of War main page.

How Articles are Created Edit

  1. Basic lore is made by the creator of the article. This lore is then written into a wiki page and is deemed either a draft or a proposal. A draft is a page that can be completely changed or revamped. A proposal is a unfinished article that can still be changed but not heavily.
  2. Once a article is seen as legible it becomes a canonized page. It doesn't really matter if the page is behind the timeline it is alright as long as it develop according to the timeline.
  3. 99% of all articles on the World of War project remain as a canonized unfinished article as sometimes the lore is just to deep to develop. Though some articles are finished and these become Featured Articles. These articles are finished and are only really changed to progress the story and they can only be affected by Major Events.
  4. An article becomes obsolete when it is no longer canon or irrelevant. These articles should not be deleted as they become archive pages and are used as sentimental pages and other things.

Glossary Edit

  • Major Events - Major events are events that affect one or more nations drastically. Such major events include: major wars, invasions, civil wars, revolutions, government collapses and other events that will change a country.
  • Minor Events - Minor events don't really change a nation much. Something like a normal democratic election takes place that leads to a new government that is a minor change. Other changes like protests, small civilian conflicts (that don't lead to further conflict), disputes, government changes and other things like that. (Some minor events like elections can lead to major differences to a country. If an authoritarian ruler is elected democratically and gains control of the nation this is seen as a major event as it changes the country majorly. At first it is only seen as a normal event).

Organisation Edit

Timelines Edit

Timelines are split into different categories

  • Nation Timelines - These timelines discover any non-war or war irrelevant events in a nation.
  • Conflict Timelines - These timelines detail minor wars, civil wars and minor wars events. (For example there is a timeline called "Timeline of Conflicts in France".
  • Major Conflict Timelines - These timelines detail major wars. (For example there is a timeline called "World War II TImeline")
  • Main Timeline - This timeline is very broad and only signifies global radical changes.

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