British Armed Forces
British Armed Forces Logo
Founded 1743
Current form 2014
Headquarters Ministry of Defence and Security
Minister for Defence and Security Vacant
Conscription Yes
Active personnel 120,000
Reserve personnel 500,600
Deployed personnel 98,000
The British Armed Forces officially HM Armed Forces form the military of the United Kingdom of England and Wales. It was formed in 1743 after the Military Alignment Act 1743 when the English Armed Forces and Scottish Armed Forces were merged together to form the British Armed Forces.

The British Armed Forces has since taken part in many major wars including 3 of the World Wars, the Napoleonic Wars, Baltic Wars, Northern Wars and Central European Wars. From 1743-1826 it was the largest military in the world with over 3,500,650 personnel but was soon taken over by other global superpowers though it remains a well equipped and trained army.

In 2014 after the Scottish Independence Referendum the Scottish branch of the armed forces was dissolved from the British Armed Forces and formed the Scottish Armed Forces. The armed force lost 498,430 personnel and was significantly weakened and had to withdraw from multiple conflicts.

The British Armed Forces along with the United American Forces and the Indian Armed Forces form the main military organ of the International Peacekeepers Force. It is also the only armed force to have destroyed all of its nuclear weapons though the Military Research Agency has been accused of restarting the British Nuclear Program. The British Armed Forces abolished conscription in 1981 but has reintroduced it in 2014. Its military reserve personnel has increased by almost 70% in the course of two years. All 20 year old receive 2 years training and 1 year of active service before being placed in the reserve personnel. After 20 years service they are released from there military service though can return for a longer term.

The British Army has 12 bases abroad and many in the former British Empire colonies.