Arnar Kenelm (1832-2013) was a ceardian politician and was Deputy Prime Minister of Ceardia from 1878-1983 and Minister for Magic 1870-1983. He was a successful politician and led major wizarding reforms in the Federal Republic of Ceardia.

He was born in Lenos in the Ceardian Empire in 1832 and his father was a President of the Ceardian Republican Party which called for the disestablishment of the monarchy. His father was assassinated when he was only 11 years old at a rally but his fathers actions led to the monarchy being overthrown a year later. He began his political career in 1860 as Spokesperson for Justice when his party the Ceardian Peoples Party were in opposition., He served in the role for 4 years before his party won the 1864 election and he was made General Secretary of the State Committee for Magical Laws and Regulations. He served in that role for 6 years before the Minister for Magic Titus Jayson retired and he was appointed to the role.

His tenure as Minister for Magic would last for 113 years the longest ever recorded incumbency of a ministerial position in Ceardia. In his first 4 years he introduced reforms for workers, created the Association for Wizarding Tradesmen and developed the Ministry of Magical Education. Due to his popularity and experience after Minerva Cunnigham passed away during her time as Deputy Prime Minister of Ceardia he was appointed the role under Vivian McFarlane who would serve together until they both retired.

Kenelm was highly popular during his incumbency and was pointed to go for Prime Minister when he left the office of Deputy Prime Minister but he never did saying that "Taking on such a huge role would never be my kind of thing. Vivian and I have been political partners as far as I can remember and we are intending to retire at the same time to allow new ideas enter the party". He gave his final speech the day before he announced his retirement from politics.

After he left politics he lived a reclusive lifestyle as a teacher at Lenos Advanced School of Magic. He soon took on the role of headmaster in the school. He retired in 2011 after 179 years of public service.

From 2012 to early 2013 Kenelm did not make an appearance in public much only appearing at funerals and state functions. He made his last speech on the death of his wife in January 2013. In February 2013 his health deteriorated very quickly due to old age. He died in May 2013 in St. Mariettas Hospital aged 181.

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